Children who are eligible to receive the “Gift of Sleep” should meet the following criteria:

• A home sleep environment that does not allow the child to sleep in his/her own bed

• Between the ages of 4 – 16

• Diagnosed with a chronic medical illness, suffering from a serious acute medical illness, or has undergone major surgical procedure


Nite Lights is a charity organization that provides sleep essentials such as beds, bedding, pajamas, slippers, and nighttime aids to impoverished children with acute or chronic medical illnesses. The mission of the organization is to improve the health and well-being of sick children by helping them get the sleep that they need.

Imagine the child with a chronic illness who, night after night, sleeps in a makeshift bed on the sofa, never getting the rest she needs. Or imagine the child who returns home from a hospital stay to the discomfort of sleeping on pillows and blankets arranged on a hard floor. There are thousands of these children in our world today, and they don’t enjoy the benefits of sleep that many of us take for granted every night. This undoubtedly has a negative impact on their health and their ability to recover from illness.

Nite Lights was founded by doctors who are committed to promoting good health through better sleep. We believe that at least 8 hours of good sleep every night will enable sick children to heal better and faster, and ultimately live healthier and happier lives. Good sleep is just what the doctor ordered!


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